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your cuddle therapy in berlin

cuddle means to be welcome

Professional cuddling means platonic touch and my undivided, unconditional attention. I accept you as you are, entirely and independent of your situation and way of life as well as your identity and orientation.

cuddling is self-love

Letting yourself be cuddled is healthy egoism. You don’t have to live up to any expectations. You can fully receive and accept, forget the world outside and enjoy. Cuddling feels great and brings you more joie de vivre and self-confidence.

cuddling changes you

Cuddling has amazing effects on your mental and physical health. It can engerise and strengthen you on the inside, you can approach others feeling more relaxed and be better equipped to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

why cuddle?

mental health

Cuddling means nurturing your natural need for touch.
The physical closeness gives us security, inner peace, self-confidence, a feeling of joy and a lot of energy and confidence. Cuddling strengthens our body awareness. It increases the ability to accept and love oneself and others. This can lead to:

  • Relief from feelings of loneliness and depression
  • Less anxiety
  • An increase in self-awareness and resilience (this can also include learning to say no or to feel comfortable to be touched)
  • The strengthening of interpersonal relationships and the ability to bond in general

physical health

Touch produces oxytocin in the body, the so-called cuddle hormone, and reduces cortisol, the stress hormone. Cuddling can therefore result in astonishing positive changes:

  • Stress is transformed into relaxation
  • The immune system is boosted
  • Pain is reduced
  • The cardiovascular system is strengthened
  • Blood pressure is lowered
  • Sleep quality is improved

how do we cuddle? definition, rules and faqs

It is a service that includes my unconditional and undivided attention as well as platonic non-targeted and intuitive touching with each other. Practically like cuddling between platonic friends, where you are completely taking part and determine what happens within the given rules.

  • In principle, cuddle therapy is suitable for everybody, and everyone is welcome! There are only a few restrictions:
    You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be free of diseases that could be transmissible during a cuddle session.
  • Cuddle sessions do not replace psychotherapy and/or medical treatments. The participation in a cuddle session is your own responsibility and berlin cuddles will not be held liable for any negative consequences. If you are undergoing therapeutic treatment, please discuss this with the person treating you beforehand.
  • The premises of berlin cuddles are unfortunately not wheelchair accessible as they are located on the 2nd floor without a lift.

If this is your first cuddle session, I will send you the cuddle agreement with the rules and terms and conditions beforehand, which we will both sign on arrival as it forms the basis of our time together. This also includes a small health questionnaire, which I will ask you to fill out and sign on site.Please pay in cash if you have not already transferred the fee in advance.

You can get changed and freshen up at the premises. We will briefly discuss your wishes and clarify any questions you may have. We can make ourselves comfortable on the sofa or in the cuddle corner, then cuddle or do the things you would like, as long as they are within the scope of the agreement. After 50 minutes it is time to come back to the here and now, change your clothes and say goodbye.

If it is a follow-up session, the first 10 minutes are reserved for arriving and changing, then the remaining 50 minutes we cuddle.

The costs for a 60-minute cuddle session are between 60 and 90 euros according to your own estimation, i.e. you decide what you want to (and can give) for the cuddle session within this price range. Longer sessions can also be booked. The price for this is calculated accordingly. Within the booked time, 10 minutes are reserved for arrival, discussing your wishes and changing. Please pay the fee for the cuddle session in cash on arrival, if this has not been done online in advance.
A booking is binding. Cancellation up to 48 hours before the appointment is free of charge. Between 48 hours and 24 hours before the appointment, 50% of the fee will be charged. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the appointment, you will have to pay the full amount for the cuddle session.

Please only come for a cuddle session if you feel mentally up to it and you do not currently have a cold, corona or any other contagious disease that could be transmitted during a cuddle session. We are getting very close. Therefore, please do not have any intrusive or unpleasant body odours. Don’t be sweaty, have bad breath, smoke prior to the session, or wear strong perfume or aftershave.

If necessary, you can freshen up or brush your teeth before the cuddle session but this will be included in the cuddle time. Bring comfortable and longer clothes (e.g. long-sleeved shirt or t-shirt and jogging trousers). You can change onsite. The cuddle sessions always take part according to the current Corona regulations. I am fully vaccinated.

The cuddle sessions usually take place in the rooms of berlin cuddles in Prenzlauer Berg/ Friedrichshain. The cuddle corner is very spacious with a lounging area of 280cm x 180cm in a very quiet room. When the weather is nice, we can also cuddle on the balcony, which is protected from view.

It is also possible to cuddle in a park or in your own home. For outside appointments or home visits, a flat fee is charged for travel to and from the location: for each 15 min = 5 euros.

There is a cuddle agreement with rules and terms and conditions, which will be made available to you digitally in advance and signed by both parties before the first cuddle session. You can find all the important information in these FAQs.
Silence, talking, laughing, crying can all be part of a cuddle session. Being physically close in the platonic sense or at a distance from each other. You can also practise something with me. Use this safe space for what you need at this moment and what feels good to you!
  • Cuddling is a non-sexual service. Therefore, no touching or actions can be requested, implied or performed that could be considered sexual in any way. This includes, for example, touching or rubbing in the area of the primary and secondary genitals, the buttocks, touching underneath clothing and kissing.
  • Nudity is also not permitted.
  • Do not be under the influence of, or in withdrawal, from drugs. Drugs include alcohol.
  • No photography or video recording is allowed.
  • Cuddle therapy is a professional service. Contact with each other on a private level terminates the business relationship.
Everything mentioned and experienced during the cuddling session remains between us. Exceptions are only made for legal reasons or for supervision purposes.

The cuddle time is there for you to feel at ease. If this is not the case, speak up at any time! Then we can make you feel comfortable again and we can continue cuddling. If not, once the first cuddle session has started, it is possible to end it within the first 10 mins with a full refund. If the cuddle session is cancelled by you at a later time, the entire session must be paid for.

I am also free to refuse a cuddle session in advance or to cancel it during the session, should the necessary conditions not be met, or if the rules are not respected. If the cuddle session is not carried out or cancelled by me for personal reasons, you will get a full refund.

who cuddles with you?

my professional background

I am Meike, a trained and certified cuddle therapist and mediator with advanced knowledge of non-violent communication and mindfulness. I have many years of professional experience working with people in challenging and conflictual life situations. I was a trainer for mediators and led seminars on communication and conflict management. As a social scientist, I have worked in peace and conflict research.

It has always been my ambition to see a meaning in my profession and to make my solidary contribution to society. Cuddling is fun for me and fills me with satisfaction. I am deeply convinced that everyone needs and is entitled to loving touch and I am very happy to make my contribution to this with my work.

my work with you

I await you with an open and cheerful smile. I am empathic and attentive to you, your needs and your wishes. You only need to take. You do not have to do anything or meet any supposed expectations. You can show yourself in your being and essence, just as you are, and you will be completely accepted by me. You are welcome, regardless of your cultural or socio-economic background as well as your sexual orientation and identity. You will be seen and held by me and for the time being, you can forget about the world outside and just enjoy the moment.

Cuddling with me can be very quiet and nurturing or wild and energetic. Quiet or loud. With more physical distance or very close. We find what feels right and pleasant for you in this moment.


For my first cuddling session Meike and her dog Bo welcomed me in their warming home that immediately felt like a safe space. Meike's soft and loving energy left me feeling content and deeply relaxed after a stressful work week.”


Receiving warmth,closeness and touch without having to do anything was a deep emotional comfort. The freedom to let go also clears the mind. It was soulspa for me.

Markus Sunsearcher

The broad grin that appeared on my face after the session expressed the state that the time with Meike had put me in. My body was pleasantly flooded with endorphins and I felt relaxed and empowered. A thousand thanks for this experience!

Karoline Nature friend

services and prices

single session

You get my undivided attention and lots of cuddles. One session includes 10 minutes preliminary talk and 50 minutes cuddling. Longer sessions are possible.
Costs: 60 to 90 euros per hour according to self-assessment  

package of 5 single sessions

If you book several single sessions, the price per session is reduced. The sessions are transferable, and the package is valid for two years.
Costs: 275 to 400 euros according to self-assessment


Would you like to give a loving and extraordinary gift to another person? I will send you a personally addressed and beautifully designed voucher for one or more cuddle hours.
Costs: 80 euros per hour

corona safe session

You don’t always need physical contact to be seen, to feel acceptance and secure. I am also there for you during a walk together or an online conversation.
Costs: 50 to 70 euros per hour according to self-assessment


how you can contact me

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